About York Galland

An entrepreneur and C-level executive with 15 years of experience, longtime resident of Provo, Utah, York Galland currently devotes his time and energy to nutrition and fitness company US Sports, LLC. Holding the rank of Chief Executive Officer since November 2008, York Galland helps to fulfill the overall vision of US Sports, LLC through worldwide expansion efforts, celebrity endorsements, and participation in charitable and humanitarian causes. At US Sports, LLC, York Galland provides the necessary leadership and dedication to generate profits and promote his firm’s vast array of health products, including Power Burn, Power Protein, and Adult Protein. Today, US Sports, LLC and York Galland command a presence in Shanghai and Beijing, where they have established branch offices and forged a partnership with the China Red Cross to hold charity basketball games. Drawing upon their rich cache of NBA all-star athletes, including Tracy McGrady, Dennis Scott, and Josh Smith, to name a few, York Galland and US Sports, LLC have held a number of exhibition games to benefit victims of natural disasters. Since entering the Chinese marketplace, York Galland has brought the vast array of US Sports, LLC products to Tesco stores and various retailers throughout the country. At US Sports, LLC, York Galland works with a variety of seasoned professionals committed to bringing excellent nutritional products to the American and international marketplace. For more information on US Sports, LLC, Power Protein, Adult Protein, Power Burn, and York Galland, visit us-sport.com.


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