Serving Others through Customer Relationship Management

By York Galland

As a supporter of the Boy Scouts of America, I often think about the organization’s tenets and how they apply to life beyond scouting. One tenet in particular, that of Serving Others, seems relevant to the work I do through Innovative Matrix, the customer relationship management (CRM) service my brother and I founded and now run.

At its core, CRM provides businesses with a system for demonstrating to customers how much they are valued. In the days before the Internet and globalization, most business owners could handle CRM on their own by chatting with customers who came through the door. Today, though, technology allows us to conduct most of our transactions without ever seeing one another.

By implementing a CRM system like the ones offered by Innovative Matrix, companies can, as the Boy Scouts suggest, “do a good turn daily” for their customers. CRM systems allow sales and marketing representatives to address small concerns and problems before they grow, helping employees at all companies give their customers the kind of attention they might receive at the corner store. Of course, the Internet has changed the way customers behave as much as it has changed businesses.

The new “social customer” might blog, tweet, or post about a retail experience that was particularly good or bad, thus spreading the message to potentially thousands of friends or followers. CRM systems that incorporate social media can help companies reach out to vocal consumers and even participate in the conversation about their products or services. More importantly, though, a company with an effective CRM system can leverage the information it gleans through social media to better serve its customers.

About York Galland

York Galland and his brother Adam founded Innovative Matrix with the goal of improving existing retail technology through CRM. Galland splits his time between Provo, Utah, and Laguna Beach, California.